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Want to relax after a trip or a busy day? Our task is to provide you with the proper level of relaxation in a double comfortable room with all the facilities.

Mini-hotel "Randevu" on Troieshchyna in Kyiv offers you an excellent economy-class room with furniture. Fresh repairs made in pleasant colors, equipment, tableware, and drinks will ensure a pleasant stay.

Each of our rooms has:

  • Double bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Cable TV
  • WIFI Internet
  • Table
  • Tea, coffee (for free)
  • Kitchen utensils set
  • Electric kettle

Cozy economy rooms on prosp. Maiakovskoho 68:
- accommodation for 2 persons
- it is possible to provide an extra bed for a third person – 200 UAH.
(children from 6 to 15 years old – 115 UAH.)
- check-in and check-out time from 12:00 to 11:30 next day
- early or late check-in is possible for an additional fee
- for smokers/non-smokers
- children under 6 years stay free with parents

For longer stays, the discount is provided!

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!!! We remind you that mini-hotels "Randevu" have special offers, additional services and a discount system that you can indicate when booking

- more than 5 days of residence - 5% discount, with full prepayment of all days of residence (470 UAH / day)

- more than 10 days of residence - 10% discount, with full prepayment of all days of residence (445 UAH / day)

Do not miss this opportunity to save money when booking rooms in the mini-hotel chain Randevu!

To book a room you need:

  • Fill out the booking form
  • Get a confirmation from the dispatcher who will contact you after filling out the form
  • Make a prepayment (100% of the cost for the first day of residence)

After making a prepayment, please tell us about the date, time and method of payment.

You can prepay using:

Transfer through PrivatBank

The fastest way to confirm payment.

Bank details for the transfer:
4149 4993 1004 6220

Kobylianskyi Dmytro Volodymyrovych

Details for cashless payments

PE Kobylianskyi Dmytro Volodymyrovych

EDRPOU code: 3084916970
IBAN: UA713138490000026004001197278

International transfers Western Union, Privat Money, Uni Stream

Convenient for making payments from abroad


Online payment

If the guest refuses the reserved room less than 3 days (72 hours) before the arrival date specified in the application, the prepayment in the amount of 1 night's stay is not refundable. In all other cases, the prepayment is refunded to the guest in full.

When checking in to a mini-hotel, you must have a "Booking Confirmation" form or a receipt of prepayment, as well as an identification document (passport, driver's license).

Near the hotel

In the building of the mini-hotel "Randevu" on Troieshchyna you will find a pharmacy, several minimarkets, and coffee house "U Varvary".
Here you can visit a Candy store, a beauty salon, coffee houses and restaurants, bank branches, and the beer store "More pyva".
In walking distance, there is Eco-Park " Troieshchyna ", service station, a fitness club, megamarket "Nova Liniia" and the shopping mall "Raion".


Darnytsia metro station – minibusses № 50, № 7 to the stop vul. Myloslavska;
Chernihivska metro station – minibus № 529 to the stop vul. Maryny Tsvietaievoi;
Pochaina (former Petrivka) metro station – minibusses № 192, № 550 to the stop vul. Myloslavska;
Shuliavska metro station – minibus № 550 to the stop vul. Myloslavska;
Neighborhood " Vynohradar " – minibus № 478 to the stop vul. Maryny Tsvietaievoi.

To all hotels
Check-in time at the mini-hotel "Randevu" is 12:00, check-out time is 11:30.
If the guest plans to check-in earlier than 12:00 (only if there is a free room), and check-out later than 11:30, you should notify the administrator in advance and pay extra for this service according to the current price list.

The priority right to stay at the mini-hotel is given to persons with confirmed booking of the room, the remaining guests are accommodated in the mini-hotel in the order of priority, rooms are subject to availability.

Room booking is free!

Room and keys are provided to the guest after filling in the registration card and payment for accommodation.
The administrator has the right to refuse accommodation of guests who do not have a passport or substitute document with them; being intoxicated; in the absence of payment for the room in the required amount, as well as if the guest refuses to abide by the rules of residence at the mini-hotel.
When the guest leaves, the administrator takes a look at the room and takes keys. In case of loss of keys, damage or loss of property of the mini-hotel, the client shall reimburse the cost of the damage according to the “Hotel Property Damage Price List”.

From 22:00 to 8:00 in the morning, it is must be quiet in the mini-hotel. It is FORBIDDEN to turn on audio systems and TVs at high volume, and it is also necessary to avoid loud conversation and laughter in the rooms at this time.

The administrator of the mini-hotel has the right to terminate the hotel service contract with the client in case the client violates these Rules of residence. Upon eviction, the client must pay for the services actually provided to him.

The mini-hotel provides guests with the following services at no extra charge:
- iron, ironing board, hairdryer;
- needles, threads;
- taxi call, first-aid kit, call to ambulance.

We are there


  • Prospekt Pravdy 31-A
  • Prosp. Pravdy 5-B
  • Dnipr. naberezhna 23
  • Vul. Yelyzavety Chavdar 7
  • Vul. Hryhoriia Vashchenka 1
  • Prosp. Maiakovskoho 68
  • Vul. Lebedieva-Kumacha 5
  • Vul. Marshala Yakubovskoho 4

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and we will do our best for a pleasant stay in our hotel

Reservations are available at the following numbers:

We recommend booking rooms in advance, the number of rooms is limited.
There may not be space available later.

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