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Hundreds of guests are satisfied with their choice thanks to the private mini-hotels Randevu in Kyiv. We have combined a high level of service with the provision of spacious and modern rooms that are affordable for any guest.

We are young, flexible and step forward over time, we monitor the modern trends of the hotel industry and are constantly improving to the smallest detail. We are constantly growing and developing. Based on the wishes of the modern buyer, applying a creative approach and a huge desire to create a quality service, the idea of ​​building a chain of cost-effective mini-hotels in Kyiv was born. The quantity of mini-hotels "Randevu" in Kyiv is increasing all the time, which makes it possible for you to settle in an even more geographically convenient place.

Today, there are already 8 cost-effective mini-hotels Randevu in Kyiv with 39 comfortable rooms. With us, you have the opportunity to choose the most convenient geographical location of the hotel. Our rooms are presented in Vynohradar, in Troieshchyna and Pozniaky, in the Solomianskyi and Holosiivskyi districts.

Choosing a mini-hotel "Randevu" you get a modern furnished room with equipment, tableware and the availability of drinks. You can book hotel rooms and enter them 24/7, at any time convenient for you.

Private Kyiv economy class hotels "Randevu" – this is the best combination of service, cost and geographical location of hotels.
"Randevu" in Kyiv is a project thought out to the smallest detail. Choosing us you can always expect to get quality service and save your money.



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We are there


  • Prospekt Pravdy 31-A
  • Prosp. Pravdy 5-B
  • Dnipr. naberezhna 23
  • Vul. Yelyzavety Chavdar 7
  • Vul. Hryhoriia Vashchenka 1
  • Prosp. Maiakovskoho 68
  • Vul. Lebedieva-Kumacha 5
  • Vul. Marshala Yakubovskoho 4

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