Long stay discount

In Kyiv economy mini-hotels "Randevu" we provide a special system of discounts, which will undoubtedly help to make the accommodation prices even cheaper and more profitable:

1. For stays of more than 5 nights, you are guaranteed to receive a 5% discount. In this case, the price for a 2-bed room is only 470 UAH/day.

2. For stays of more than 10 days, the discount increases to 10%, while the room price will be only 445 UAH/day.

Do not miss the opportunity to save money with us!

Special offer for lovers

Are you a couple in love and enjoy every minute you spend together?

We know how to create a romantic atmosphere in a room.

For a very small additional fee of 50 UAH, you get a room prepared for a romantic evening, which will allow your soulmate to feel your sincere and bright love.

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  • Prospekt Pravdy 31-A
  • Prosp. Pravdy 5-B
  • Dnipr. naberezhna 23
  • Vul. Yelyzavety Chavdar 7
  • Vul. Hryhoriia Vashchenka 1
  • Prosp. Maiakovskoho 68
  • Vul. Lebedieva-Kumacha 5
  • Vul. Marshala Yakubovskoho 4

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Reservations are available at the following numbers:

We recommend booking rooms in advance, the number of rooms is limited.
There may not be space available later.

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